Chemical Analysis & Profiling

It is important to analyze and assess areas and materials containing toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to people and our environment. This helps us determine if proper protocol and laws are being upheld, prevent dangerous situations in living and work spaces, and aids us in protecting our environment. Our HazWasteDisposal’s team are experts in analyzing and profiling chemicals and environmental sites, and will help you design the best plan of action.

Phases 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment Services

Environmental site assessments (ESAs) are prepared reports that identify environmental contamination liabilities, either real or potential, for real estate holdings. The analysis concentrates on and addresses both the underlying land and improvements made to the property. A contaminated site may be brownfield (formerly used for commercial or industrial purposes), or it may be polluted by hazardous waste and have the potential for reuse once that has been removed. The EPA has set forth standards for undertaking a Phase 1 site assessment, and in 2013, anyone seeking protection against CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Competition & Liability Act of 1980) has to complete an AAI-compliant Phase 1 ESA via ASTM Standard E1527-13.

A Phase 2 assessment may be conducted for a site considered contaminated, using the more detailed ASTM test E1903, which involves chemical analysis and profiling for hazardous substances, petroleum hydrocarbons or both. We will help you comply with current EPA requirements and make sure that your space is safe. We are experienced in both assessment types.

Phase 1 Services

Phase 1 ESAs consist of reviewing records, inspecting the site and interviewing owners, tenants, neighbors and local government workers. An environmental practitioner trained in the applicable standards should also perform sampling and chemical analysis and profiling, though these are not necessarily included.

It can take much time to review government records and interviews, so you should plan ahead and be sure to allocate enough time for the process to ensure that the assessment is top-quality.

Contamination can result from activities conducted on either the property in question or a neighboring one; records and interviews can make it easier to determine which. Public records on the locations of properties that the federal or state governments have classified as contaminated are available. Proximity to your site could have made leakage of contamination thereto possible.

Phase 2 Services for California Sites

The second step in ascertaining a property’s environmental health and EPA compliance — if a Phase 1 reveals areas of concern. If contamination has been uncovered, a more detailed Phase 2 ESA will be done, including chemical analysis and profiling for hazardous substances. Phase 2 ESAs are automatically ordered for sites with potential leaks or spills and for facilities that handle hazardous substances but have failed to maintain accurate records.

During a Phase 2 ESA, workers sample ground- and surface waters and soils, plus any potential hazmat on or off the property. They compile, assess and evaluate samples to determine the degree of contamination.

The goal of the process — which may include several field investigations and reports, plus additional research and analysis — is to define the class, size and extent of the contamination for a given site. Tasks typically performed include on-site drilling, water collection and sampling soils to a great depth, performing chemical analysis.

At Our, our assessments are dependably thorough and accurate. You can count on us.

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