Emergency Spill Response

Emergency response is a vital requirement attached to all forms of spills seen in case of oil, chemical, hazardous substances (like mercury, explosives) or even EPA water spills. Hence, for handling such situations the service providers need to be not only fully committed to the responsibility but also be highly-skilled, experienced, and professional.

Considering all these requirements, Hazardous Waste Disposal, a nationwide chain of experts, offer emergency spill response service with a dedicated, qualified, quick and intelligent team of workers.

Since oil/ hazardous substance spills are associated with possibility of harm to human life, the emergency response also involves quick paperwork as well fast on-site management of disaster. Hazardous Waste Disposal, thus, employs experienced and seasoned experts.

Hazardous Waste Disposal has a 24-hour call center that provides assistance and the maximum response time of the disaster management team is of two hours. The workers are all 40-hour OSHA certificate holders and internal quality audit is the prime responsibility at Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Conditions where emergency response is needed

  • Fuel spills or container leakage:

Fuel spills or container leakages are commonly seen in case of handling/ transportation of huge volumes of fuel. In addition to efficient paper work, image proofs and cleaning of containers is another factor Hazardous Waste Disposal excels in.

  • Handling of unknown substance

In case of an emergency occurring while handling an unknown substance, the on-site team is well-equipped in quick identification of the substance and the magnitude of risk involved post-exposure.

  • Spilling of hazardous chemicals or lab substances

The spills in these cases are often found to be much more devastating as they pose potential threat on the health of the workers as well as the exposed human community. In such situations, Hazardous Waste Disposal, as a service provider, ensures adequacies in safety precautions, gauging health risks after spilling and implementing immediate solutions.

  • Disasters occurring naturally

Hazardous Waste Disposal also provides assistance in naturally occurring disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes.

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