Light Bulb Recycling

We are certified professionals for light bulb recycling of all kinds. Light bulbs contain mercury and other metals that should not be disposed of directly to landfill and need to be handled with special care. We have solutions for every kind of light bulb recycling needs. Our solutions include nationwide pickups, removal, packing and certificate of recycling. We handle all types of bulbs: CFL, Straight Fluorescent, High and Low Pressure Sodium, LED, Mercury Thermostat. We also recycle mercury containing devices as well as ballast.

Effective Light Bulb Disposal & Recycling Services in a Well-Proven Manner

With an in-depth expertise in this domain, we are involved in providing the best light bulb recycling and disposal service in California. Some light bulbs contain mercury inside, which if not disposed of properly can cause the serious environmental effects. This is a reason why careful disposal of light bulbs is strongly recommended. And if, there is one company that can be trusted, it is HazWasteDisposal. This company has a team of trained and experienced experts who can render the services with utmost efficiency. We have been in this industry for many years, and ensure effective light bulb recycling in a well synchronized manner. We have been recycling light bulbs in California that are hazardous to the environment. With our presence in this industry, light bulb disposal has become easier in California and the entire Unites States.

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