PCB Transformer Disposal

PCB transformers, or Polychlorinated biphenyls, are considered toxic by the EPA, and need to be disposed of properly according to EPA standards. Hire HazWasteDisposal to handle this poisonous waste. We have the proper equipment to dispose of it safely. There are several necessary steps to remove PCBs. Equipment must be rinsed then it must be incinerated in a unique furnace. Waste can also be sent to a landfill. Any oil that has minimal traces of PCB can be recycled to make lubricants. All of these steps must be performed up in compliance with the EPA.

Although their use has been banned since 1976, it is possible to encounter PCBs in older buildings. Specifically, in the caulk used to seal windows and doors. PCBs are noted carcinogens and potentially cause liver disease or skin conditions. PCB transformers that still exist are considered dangerous and require immediate attention.

Let HazWasteDisposal help you keep your home safe and environmentally friendly.

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